Veerender Goud Biography

Veerender Goud
Veerender Goud

Veerender Goud, son of Shri Tulla Devender Goud was born on 26 December, 1983. An alumni of Little Flower Junior and High School, Uppal, He was always the active student in class participating in co-curricular activities and events. Although he left the country for higher studies, Veerender was always determined to return to his homeland and work for the improvement of the state of affairs here. A graduate in Operations Management from the Northern Illinois University, (he was also a member of the Graduate Student Counsel), he then went on to pursue MBA at Babson College, U.S.A. where he dutifully took the role of Vice President of the college.

He finished his studies and now, it was the time to take the final decision — to stay back or return home. As a true leader would never make hollow promises to himself or anyone else, he took the right decision and came back to India. He was always firm about returning back. According to Veerendra, our country has the potential to have a brighter future with each and every facility that other countries have. So, why not work towards making our country as an ideal place to live, study, work in?

To bring a permanent change, the work has to start at the base. Born in a political family, Veerender, inspired by his father and uncles, decided to step into the arena of politics to be a leader and steer the country in the right direction. Politics for him, is the opportunity to work closely with the people and for the people while at the same time working towards the larger goal of changing the state of affairs of our country.


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